Folded In Light

Sep 10, 2023

My artistic research is developed around the interaction of light and form on the plane using different biomaterials that inherently bring about geometric, abstract, and volumetric pieces. I am trained as a super-resolution microscopist and have derived my style, working with the possibilities that paper and spray paint allow.

The work has only two variables, paper and spray. The paper is wrinkled, and folded into origami. It is painted in this state to highlight all the manipulation of the paper and its unique character speaking to direct the paint into a photograph of abstract topology.

This work expresses an objective reality, holding within it the fluidly crumpled and intentionally folded paper that transmutes volume and light. This simple technique produces a sense of the infinite moments of beauty in folded light.

Folded in Light

3D Painting/Sculpture

100cm X 120cm

Paper, Crushed Origami, Spray Paint