Dr. Tina Ghelani

I am an Indian-born Berlin-based Neuroscientist and a super-resolution microscopy expert working in the field of synaptic plasticity and development of synapses. I bring epifluorescence, confocal, STED, STORM, and sptPALM imaging of neurons and synapses of rats and Drosophila into sculptures, 3D paintings, and digital art.

I am an avid neuroartist and my work reinterprets my scientific research over the years and learned scientific dogmas into different forms of graspable visualizations of how we as humans relay information, form neuronal networks, how our neuroanatomy mimics natural design and how the smallest functional unit of our being; a synapse is formed.


Daniel Till-Berlin based Data Wrangler, Digital Loader Camera, Sound and Drone expert, and electronics wizard. Modernized of Path relit 2 hardware interfaces.



Paths Relit II 2023

Inside thoughts 2023-2024 (in preparation)

Karl Pannek- Berlin based programmer, music technology enthusiast and LED Tinkerer and Musician



Paths Relit I 2020

Josef Lilljegren – Economic historian (PhD), network analyst and data visualizer based in Belgium.



Paths Relit I 2020

Charlotte Thömmes- Charlotte Thömmes is a visual artist who work natural dyes and different photographic printing techniques. Cynaotype expert.



2021-2022 Microscopic connections in natural light with Charlotte Thömmes

Work In progress

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